Winter Water Temperature

Is it warm enough to swim during winter in Australia? 

The average water temperature during winter in Sydney and Perth sits around 18.8 – 19.3°C (65.8 – 66.7°F).  Many locals continue to swim and surf (wearing wetsuits) during winter. The further north you go on the east coast of Australia the water temperature rises, for instance at Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast and Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast the winter water temperature is 21.7°C / 71°F, further north again at Townsville 23.9°C / 75°F and Darwin 27.8°C / 82°F – so a very welcoming temperature and still refreshing!

While the outside air temperature hovers from 17.6°C – 19.5°C during the day and overnight temperatures from 7.8°C – 8.9°C.  The average rainfall in the winter months ranges from 56.7mm to 75.8mm and the average rainy days around 6.3.

Ocean temperatures change on a seasonal basis.  The seasonal sea temperature change is to do with the energy input into the system however local currents and winds also play an important role.  Australia’s eastern seaboard is influenced by the East Australian Current which flows from the South Equatorial Current.  When this current bumps into the continental shelf off the coast of Far North Queensland it forks into two branches.  One goes south and is known as the East Australian Current and the other goes north towards Papua New Guinea.  This East Australian Current slows down in the winter, as for most of the year the winds come from the southeast going against the direction of the current, consequently, this holds back the warm water from the equator lowering the winter water temperature.

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