Beach Days

Isn’t this the weather for beach days?  The hot weather, the smell of the ocean, the crash of the waves and the gorgeous sand.  The sand that is small and grainy but feels great on your feet, a great pedicure.  We are very lucky to have such beautiful sand on Australian beaches.

While travelling in Europe this year we visited beaches in a variety of countries however we never came across the fine caramel sand that we find so easily here at home.

Most of the beaches we went to had gorgeous clear water, before you could get to that gorgeous clear water.  You had to hobble over (or buy and wear reef shoes) rocks, rocks and more rocks.  Sharp little buggers they were too!

The one place we did find sand similar to ours, admittedly not the lovely colour though, was at Warnemunde.  Which is near Rostock, Germany on the Baltic Sea.  This beach was a very long beach and was littered with beach chairs with covers.  It was a lovely sight indeed!

Aussie Beaches

Getting back to our beautiful backyard of Aussie beaches.  The perfect Aussie weekend would be to pack up the kids and toddle off to the beach.  Taking with you towels, sunscreen, football, hats, food and drink.  Spending the day at the beach is as Aussie a pastime as it comes.  With over 10,000 beaches to choose from Australia wide it’s know wonder it’s our choice of outdoor activities over the summer months.

Just think if you were to visit each of the 10,000 beaches in Australia, it would take you approximately 27 years!  Now that’s a huge country.

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