Summer Holidays

The best thing about a long year at work, university or school is the fact we look forward to the summer holidays.  Whether is be a camping holiday, a holiday at home, a road trip or an overseas trip it is something that lifts the spirits this late in the year.

Home Holiday

Hanging out at home over the summer holidays is so nice.  I find a lot of people head away other that time, which means that it’s quiet.  The roads aren’t as congested and everyone just seems to be more laid back.  Staying in your pj’s a bit longer in the morning, relaxing around the pool or having people over for a bbq.

Camping Holiday

Camping holidays are always fun.  If you are an avid camper you would be a member of the NRMA Parks and Resorts.  This gets you discounts at most of the parks in the NRMA group.  Caravan parks are a social atmosphere, most people will greet you when you walk past them.  This is a rare thing these days, so it’s really nice when you can do that and not get the “you’re a weirdo look!”.  The kids play and swim together with a certain amount of freedom that they don’t usually get during the year.  The adults can sit by watching them play, while relaxing and have a bbq and a few beers or a wine or two.

Road Trip Holiday

The road trip is a great adventure, especially if you are with a group of friends.  That way, you don’t get the voice from the back seat saying “are we there yet!”.  Exploring the amazing Australian coast, whether it be north or south it awe inspiring and picturesque.  We do live in the best country and have the best coastline in the world. 

Overseas Holiday

Overseas holidays are always very exciting.  Learning about new cultures, new languages, tasting new food and drink is an experience.  We find most people in countries we visit are very keen to try and make conversation and learn about you and Australia.  Overseas travel is a life lesson and one that can’t be taught anywhere else.

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