Springtime in Australia is from September to November.  The weather quickly grows warmer during spring. At night, temperatures range from 14 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. Historically, days are much warmer, averaging 20 degrees Celsius in September to 25 degrees Celsius in November.  There is usually plenty of rain. Some trees and flowers are in full bloom.  Gardeners can enjoy the fruits of their hard planting work with the multitude of colours in their gardens.  Many animals and birds have their babies in the spring.

Garden & Flower festivals

Spring signals the beginning of various flower festivals around the states and territories, such as Floriade Flower Festival in Canberra.  The Kings Park Festival in Perth, also the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers in Queensland and the Tesselaar Tulip Festival in Victoria.  In New South Wales the flora festivals are the Australian Garden Show in Centennial Park, Sydney.  One not to miss is the beautiful Tulip Time Festival in Bowral, in the Southern Highlands, in addition to the Lilac City Festival, Goulburn, the Australian Springtime Floral Festival in Kariong, near Gosford, another is the Jacaranda Festival, Grafton and the Leura Garden Festival in the Blue Mountains.


Spring means different things to different people and of course, it means different things depending on where you live.  For example, if you reside in the country and on a property the start of spring means many new additions to your stock levels with baby lambs and calves being born.  This is a busy time for farmers.

Whereas if you live in a large town or city the start of spring means warmer weather, longer days and the thought of packing away those winter clothes.  Also the thought of soon being able to go to the beach and have a swim, of course, there are always the died hard swimmers that swim all year around, but they are not the majority!

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