Kaftan Care Guide

Here is a Kaftan Care/ Wash Guide to stop you from ruining your brand new Kaftan, brought to you by Citrus Sky.

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DO’S & DON’TS for Silk and Chiffon Kaftans

Do not wash silk or chiffon kaftans in a washing machine, these fabrics are very delicate and can catch easily.

If you need to iron your silk or chiffon kaftan, which is very unusual, place a linen tea towel over the fabric before applying the iron.

Definitely do not tumble dry or use harsh detergents.

Kaftans are best hand-washed in cool water mixed with ordinary soap.  Be very gentle when hand-washing as the silk or chiffon is easily torn.

DO’S & DON’TS for Rayon Kaftans

There aren’t many Do Not’s for rayon kaftans.  Rayon is a hardy material that washes and wears very well.  However don’t use harsh detergents.

Rayon doesn’t need ironing, however if you feel you need to, it is ok to iron directly onto the rayon,

Best left to dry naturally, as they are quick to drying.


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