Celebrities and Kaftans


No one influences modern fashion more than those who we look up to and idolise. And with summer just starting to kick in, we thought we’d show you some celebrities rocking the kaftan craze! Kaftans have been popularised in Hollywood since the 1960s, being brought into the spotlight by stars such as the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. She can be seen below flaunting a stunning yet modest baby blue long kaftan on a very 60’s swede couch.  It seems Celebrities and kaftans go hand in hand.

celebrity kaftan

Celebrities and Kaftans

Kaftans make for incredibly comfortable and stylish beachwear, flowing over the body with extremely breathable material. Jennifer Lopez proves this by wearing a gorgeous long wrap kaftan while on the beach. Notice how the kaftan highlights her curves and really compliments her body.  Kaftans of course can also be worn for casual day wear or be the highlight of the evening party.

Get into politics? That’s no problem; even women in politics can’t resist the appeal of a beautiful flowing kaftan. Hillary Clinton flaunts this green kaftan dress with confidence looking both sophisticated and relaxed.

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