Summer Is Almost Here!

It's Summertime! It's that time of year where the weather heats…


A new campaign has been sweeping all over social media recently, known as the "#metoo campaign" What is it?
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Australia’s Best Kaftans

Citrus Sky provides you with the best Kaftans Australia has to…
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Springtime is Here

After an uncharacteristically warm winter, spring is here! It…
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Hot Enough for a Kaftan

Even though we’re in the midst of winter here in Australia,…
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Kaftans All Year Round

Kaftans aren’t just a summer garment – they can be worn the…
faux fur cardigans

Winter’s Here

Well it’s officially winter – a great excuse to upgrade your…
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Black & White

Do you hate colour? Me too. Sometimes you just can't be buggered dressing up like you're going to the mardi gras, and feel like a little one two white and black action.